Introduces 512GB Samsung DDR5 HKMG Tech-Based Memory


Samsung DDR5 Ram: Samsung recently claimed that now it has the ability to develop a 512GB DDR5 module which is said to be the first Samsung DRAM module made rocking the latest DDR5 standard. In July last year, the standard for DDR5 was set by JEDDEC.

samsung ddr5

High-k metal gate (HKMG technology) is used in the formation of hardware which is process technology that gives the tremendous speed of 7,200 Mbps in data transfer rate. The speed rate of the DDR5 ram is said to be double the speed rate of the previous DDR4. About 16BGs of Samsung DRAM chips were stacked for the module.

According to Young-Soo Sohn, who is the Vice President of the DRAM Memory Planning/Enabling Group at Samsung Electronics:  

“Samsung is the only semiconductor company with logic and memory capabilities and the expertise to incorporate HKMG cutting-edge logic technology into memory product development. By bringing this type of process innovation to DRAM manufacturing, we are able to offer our customers high-performance, yet energy-efficient memory solutions to power the computers needed for medical research, financial markets, autonomous driving, smart cities, and beyond.”

Apart from this, DDR5 has the ability to tackle the most extreme compute-hungry, high-bandwidth workloads in supercomputing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, along with data analytics applications. 

Samsung and Intel is working altogether to ensure the best performance of the DDR5 memory, as Carolyn Duran, Vice President and GM of Memory and IO Technology at intel, stated the following: 

“As the amount of data to be moved, stored, and processed increases exponentially, the transition to DDR5 comes at a critical inflection point for cloud data centers, networks, and edge deployments. Intel’s engineering teams closely partner with memory leaders like Samsung to deliver fast, power-efficient DDR5 memory that is performance-optimized and compatible with our upcoming Intel Xeon Scalable processors, code-named Sapphire Rapids.”

The company will utilize the HKMG technology in DDR5, and the insulation layer will be thinned for higher leakage current. In a nutshell, 13% power will be used in the new memory, but in critical situations, the data centers will be allowed to consume more energy efficiently.

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