iPhone Update iOS 14.5 Includes Apple Watch & new privacy controls


Apple has launched the latest version of the operating software on Monday that powers iPhone and iPads. The latest iPhone update iOS 14.5 requires apps to ask your permission to track your online activity.

You will see prompts seeking permission from you to track your activity across other apps and websites if you open any app like Facebook.

But that apple privacy change doesn’t end here, latest iPhone update iOS 14.5 also introduces some of the new stuff that can be functional with Apple devices.

Latest iPhone Update

The latest iPhone update has been launched on Monday. The Apple privacy change will help ios users decide how they want their personal data handled–a move that has worried some companies, including Facebook.

According to the latest iPhone update iOS 14.5, users must give explicit permission for apps to track their behavior and sell their personal data, such as age, location, spending habits, and health information, to advertisers. While many apps have allowed people to manage or opt out of this for years, it’s typically buried deep in user settings and wordy privacy policies. Besides, you can unlock iPhone with an Apple watch.

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

IOS users can now securely unlock their iPhone with Apple watch when attempting to use a Facebook ID while wearing a mask. ith Apple Watch on the wrist, unlocked, and in close proximity to iPhone, users can simply glance at their iPhone and they will receive haptic feedback from Apple Watch, indicating their iPhone has been unlocked. The new feature works with iPhone X and later and Apple Watch Series 3 and later.1

You can change Siri’s voice

Apple’s latest update iOS 14.5 delivers four different voices for Apple’s digital assistant, depending upon your preference. Besides, you can choose a variety such as American, British, Australian, Indian, Irish, or South African. To change Siri’s devices, iOS users will get a prompt when they first get their devices.

App Tracking Transparency

The new App Tracking Transparency feature, now available as an iOS 14.5 software update, will usher in a wave of apple privacy change awareness, especially as permission requests start coming in from apps people never thought were tracking them.

Developers are now required to ask users via a pop-up alert if they can “track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites.” People who opt out will see fewer personalized ads. The app developer controls when the prompt appears. And once a user makes their choice, they can change their mind in the settings.

Report an Apple Maps incident

Although some data can help users map their runs, tag photos, or track locations so a store nearby can offer up discounts, “some apps have more trackers embedded in them than they need,” Apple said in a video posted to YouTube on Monday.

Besides, there’s another feature added to Apple’s own maps tool. If you live in the U.S. or China, you can alert Siri of a hazard up ahead or a nearby crash. You can also tap “Report An Issue” within the app itself.

The business impact

Data experts say large companies like Facebook and other well-known brands will have to work to navigate the changes, but it’s the small to medium-sized businesses that may not have certain resources, such as dedicated analytics teams and engineers, that could struggle more to reach potential customers.

“Many small businesses take advantage of data sharing to target and measure ads on Facebook and Instagram,” said Eric Schmitt, senior director analyst at market research firm Gartner. “It is fair to say that the benefits of digital advertising to some of these businesses will decline.”

Facebook has tried to tout the benefits of data collection ahead of Apple’s privacy change. “Agreeing to these prompts doesn’t result in Facebook collecting new types of data. It just means that we can continue to give people better experiences,” it wrote in a blog post in February.

Apple latest update iOS 14.5 change marks the start of a more transparent future, as consumers will be even more aware of how apps handle their data. “The most exciting part is users will start to expect and demand more control over their data,” said Audi. “The fastest way to get a company to make a change is for their users to get upset.”

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