Majority of Big Salvadorans Skeptical of Cryptocurrency as legal tender


According to a poll released on Thursday, the Maverick leader forced the Salvadorans to embrace the bitcoin as a standard currency, but in a snub to El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele, big Salvadorans majority are skeptical of adopting cryptocurrency Bitcoin as parallel legal tender

Bukele’s allies in a congress stood for bitcoin for the first time last month showing legislatures an official currency status in the small Central American nation. They are trying to make a move by approving legislation in the congress that no other country has taken yet. Bukele sees touted Cryptocurrency as legal tender as a way to facilitate remittance payments from Salvadorans living aboard. 

Pollster Disruptiva Survey

For years, El Salvador citizens have utilized U.S. dollars as their national currency. 

Pollster Disruptiva which is the affiliate of Francisco Gavidia University conducted the survey demonstrating that about 54% of people viewed the adoption of bitcoin as “not at all correct” while the rest 24% described it as “only a little correct”. 

20% of the cryptocurrency plan is not quite approved. 

1,233 people were asked about cryptocurrency bitcoin in the poll survey across El Salvador between July 1-4 and feature a margin of error of 2.8%.

“This is a risky bet on digital transformation,” the head of Disruptive’s institute of science, technology and innovation said at an event while demonstrating the results of the survey. 

After the poll, it was concluded that 46% of respondents are totally unaware of cryptocurrency bitcoin, While the rest of 65% denied open to being paid in the cryptocurrency. 

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