Netflix considers crackdown on password sharing


A crackdown on password sharing

Netflix crackdown on ineligible users for Netflix password sharing; Some users have reported seeing a screen saying, “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.”

A spokesperson told the BBC about the Netflix account sharing: “This test is designed to help ensure that people using Netflix accounts are authorized to do so.”

The decision remains to be seen as to whether the company will roll this out across its network. 

In the trial, the user needs to verify his account by accessing the account through a code sent via text or email and set the Netflix password. 

Basically, Netflix considers crackdown on ineligible users, although it is not yet known how many people are using Netflix account against their terms of service. 

Other live streaming platforms like HBO Go, Amazon Prime, Disney+, including Netflix allow users to create multiple profiles within the account, but according to their terms and conditions, they are meant to be used by people in the household. 

During a 2016 webcast, Netflix co-founder and chief executive Reed Hastings said: “Password sharing is something you have to learn to live with because there’s so much legitimate password sharing, like you sharing with your spouse, with your kids, so there’s no bright line, and we’re doing fine as is.”

In October 2019, chief product officer Greg Peters said, “The issue of password sharing is under the company’s observation” but said it had no “big plans to announce at this time in terms of doing something differently there.”

Netflix gained almost 37 million new subscribers in 2020 and now has more than 200 million subscribers around the world.


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