Snapchat Speed Filter Removed To Prevent Car accident


The Snapchat speed filter removed to protect Snapchat users from any critical situation in the form of a car accident. The Snapchat speed filter shows that how fast the user is traveling when taking a picture or video footage. 

Parent company snap said that it was because the speed filter was barely used. 

The alleged use of the Snapchat speed filter by two young become the cause of their death. According to their parents who sued against the company said that Snapchat negligently designed speed filter encourage their sons to drive at a dangerous speed and caused their death. 

Snap said it had already “disabled the filter at driving speeds”, capping it at 35mph (56km/h), and added a warning.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our Snapchat community,” a representative added.

Snapchat Speed Filter Removed: Snap said that the removal of the speed filter would take few weeks to disappear from the app of 500 million Snapchat users. 

‘Catastrophic injury’

The car crashed into a tree caused the death of three young men, two 17 years old and a 20-year-old in Wisconsin in 2017. 

“Shortly before 19:00, the car began accelerating to a speed significantly above the speed limit and one Snap captured the boys’ speed at 123mph,” according to court documents.

“Regardless of whether Snap intended to encourage dangerous speeding, Snap knew or should have known that it was, in fact, encouraging speeding.”

According to NRP, previously Snap had defended the Speed filter feature while encountering warnings from safety campaigners. 

In 2015, two crashes were shown according to the document showing the catastrophic injury of people while using the feature while the other shows the death of three young women who hit a parked lorry in Philadelphia.

End Distracted Driving president Joel Feldman told: “Once you find out it’s being used that way, isn’t it the moral responsibility of… who’s running that company and other companies to say, ‘You know what, we’ve got to do better?”

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