Stats On YouTube Dislike Button Will No Longer Shown


YouTube is taking the dislike test to restrain the “dislike mobs” from downvoting videos from creators and channels. In this experiment, the YouTube dislike button will not show stats on videos anymore.

This experiment intended to tests the impact of hiding dislike counts on videos but will not get rid of the dislike button altogether. 

Moreover, there will be an opportunity for the users to see a few potential new designs for the YouTube like and dislike button that will be shown below the videos. 

One of the potential new designs can be seen below:

YouTube Tests Hiding Dislike Counts On Videos

In the above image design, you can observe that the YouTube dislike button is not showing any kind of stats or public count but is still positioned next to the like button. 

Testing the new design is a response to the feedback receive by the creators that dislike counts can have a bad effect on the well-being of content creators said YouTube.

The dislike button is sometimes used as part of an incentive campaign to target the creator’s content. Campaigns of such kind can result in an artificially inflated dislike count that can increase the possibility of an even higher dislike count.  

This experiment will help YouTube determine if hiding public dislike counts will result in less targeted dislike campaigns. 

What does this mean for creators and viewers?

Viewers who participate in this test group will continue to like and dislike videos. But Youtube channels will still have the ability to see the YouTube like and dislike button ratio on videos in YouTube Studio.  

You might be wonder that if creators have access to see YouTube dislike button count on videos, why isn’t YouTube removed the entire dislike button?

YouTube wants to improve the creator experience with this experiment to ensure viewer feedback is accounted for and shared back to the creator altogether. 

The dislike button can be functional in YouTube’s recommendations algorithms to user’s interests. 

When a user hits the YouTube dislike button on a specific video, similar videos will not be displayed on their home page again. 

With this experiment, creators can improve their content by knowing viewer feedback when there will be the intention behind it. 

“It’s not possible to opt-out of this experiment, but the company will be closely monitoring feedback to determine whether it should proceed with a broad roll-out,” said YouTube.

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