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Tax on YouTube income: YouTube’s latest update may not be good for the creators outside of the US. Creators running video-streaming platforms will start deducting taxes in the US from them, beginning June 2021.

Google may soon begin withholding taxes from the non-US creators – meaning those who live outside the US. The implementation of this decision will be made forthcoming at the start of June 2021. 

The tax Google will withhold from YouTube creators depend upon a few factors. 

If you are a non-US YouTube creator having a YouTube channel that generates revenue with a US-based audience, you are also on the radar. 

What’s New?

If you’re a non-US YouTube creator and generating revenue from US viewers, you may begin to have tax on YouTube income deducted from your earnings at the end of this year.  

Google says it has a responsibility under Chapter 3 of the US Internal Revenue Code to collect tax information from all monetizing creators outside of the United States.

In certain circumstances, Google will have to deduct income tax on YouTube earning when creators’ revenue on YouTube comes from US viewers. 

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How Much will be Charged To the Creators?

How much do YouTubers get taxed?

YouTube’s latest update: Tax on YouTube creators will depend on a few things: 

  • Whether the tax information has been submitted.
  • How much revenue the creators earn from US viewers 
  • Whether the country of YouTube creators has a tax treaty with the US. 

Income tax on YouTube earning: It might be possible that taxes will not deduct from non-US creators’ revenue if non of his viewers belong to the United States. 

Here’s to calculate US earnings from YouTube:

  • Go to YouTube Analytics
  • Click on Advanced Mode
  • Select a date range
  • Click on Geography
  • A drop-down menu will allow you to add a secondary metric. Choose Your estimated revenue.
  • Look for the United States in the list of countries below the graph.

There you can see how much revenue you have generated from US viewers. 

What if I’m a Citizen of the United States?

Most creators belong to the US have submitted their tax information when they joined the YouTube Partnership Program because they are required to do so. Says Google.  

When this change rolls out, no additional taxes will be withheld from the creators in the US.

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