Tinder Tweak Urges People To Think Before Sending Abuse


Tinder tweak urges people to reconsider their messages before sending them to others. It is American geosocial networking online dating applications that will recognize the abuse from the message and warn him to stop and think before sending them, in an effort to stop the harassment. 

Tinder has an automated system that will learn to detect “harmful language” from the message reported by users. 

Tinder tweak said the “Are you sure?” system had “reduced inappropriate language in a message sent” in trials by about 10%. 

Besides the same detect system is already in use of Instagram and Twitter in order to tackle abusive comments and tweets. 

The users on Instagram are asked, “are you sure you want to post this?” if it detects abusive messages or harassment in photo comments. 

In early May, Twitter said it would now ask people to review their tweets if they would have any “harmful or offensive” language.  

Tinder already gets feedback from people after receiving messages with the abusive phrase: “Does this bother you?”

But Tinder announces this new system will ask the writer to review the message before sending it.

The member who gets a warning during its trial were “less likely to be reported for inappropritae messages over the next month”.

Some folks thought social media could be toxic then you should wait until or unless you see what happens on an online dating applications. 

Basically, Social media is all about sharing messages but some of them are harassing and sexually explicit messages that mostly received from strangers. 

Unfortunately, sometimes people match with other just to send them abusive messages. 

Experiments made by Tinder are demonstrating that asking people to reconsider their messages can reduce the percentage of harassing messages. 

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