Twitter Users With 600+ Followers Can Host Live Audio Chat


Users with 600+ Followers can now host Twitter spaces live audio chat. 

Twitter users are allowed to participate in spaces live audio chat but it only available to users with 600 followers or more. 

This feature was launched in December 2020 and was initially available to a small feedback group. 

The criteria for being accepted into the test group is still not known but millions of people have has access prior to today said twitter.

Improved Version Of Spaces

Now Twitter is launching a new version of spaces to all Twitter accounts with 600+ followers and this version is improved on the grounds of feedback from the initial group of users. 

The updates include the timeline will look different with more purple bubbles indicating when other users are hosting or participating in a live audio chat conversation.

By tapping on the purple bubble all the users, regardless of follower count can join a space as a listener. Besides they can participate via chat or react with emojis and also request for speaking in the chat. 

Moreover, a speaker can pin tweets to the spaces, turn on cations and share the space or links to their timeline so followers can easily join the spaces by just tapping the link. 

Speakers have more permissions contrary to the listeners but still, the host has more power in his hands. He can control the speaker, mute all speakers at the same time, change the topic discussion or grant listeners speaker permissions. A host can even kick the user out of the space live audio chat if they feel necessary. 

Besides, these spaces have other safeguards in place such as letting anyone report or block other users. Once the users blocked from space they will be prohibited from joining the space again. The labels and warnings will be displayed if a blocked user is speaking in a space. 

Twitter Rolling Out New Features

Twitter shares its plans that include monetization and improved discoverability for the next set of features rolling out to spaces. 

Space Monetization

The host will soon be able to charge an admission fee for joining the space chat. He can set the price and the number of tickets that can be sold. 

Reminders & Schedule

For attending the upcoming spaces, the user will able to create a schedule. Twitter will send a reminder when it’s about to start. It will be launched in the coming weeks. 


Users will soon be able to host spaces with their friends with the same privileges to keep the large chats managed properly.           

 Besides, with this feature one can host can run the space while the host leaves the space. 


Twitter has made the discoverability of space easier for the users by adding purple bubbles around user’s profile photos. 

It works just like a blue ring that indicates when the user published a story. When a host tweets while running space, a purple bubble appears around their profile photo in other people’s timelines. 

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