WhatsApp Hijacking Scam Continues To Spread


Scammers are continually spreading a Whatsapp hijacking scam by targeting Whatsapp users and stole their accounts. They engage with the Whatsapp users by posing as a friend and asking for SMS security code. 

The scam has been going on for many years and still continues to catch people, victims sharing their stories on social media.

WhatsApp suggests the users not to share their security code with anyone, even if they appear to be a friend. 

One victim said he was embarrassed to have fallen for the “simple” scam. 

What to be careful about?

You could be the next victim who fell into a WhatsApp hijacking scam if you receive a six-digit code message that you were not expecting. 

Users usually need this code while setting up a new account, or logging in to their existing account on a new account. 

However, if the login request is not initiated by you then it might be the scammer trying to get access to your account. 

In a Whatsapp hijacking scam, the scammer sends you a WhatsApp message asking for a six-digit code. This message may seem as it comes from a genuine friend the account has already been hijacked. 

“I got a WhatsApp message from my good friend Michelle, saying she was locked out of her account,” one victim named Charlie told. 

While in reality, Charlie had sent the scammer access code for his Whatsapp account. 

“I think I fell for it because we all know how frustrating tech can be and I was eager to help,” he told.

“It took me a day to realize what had happened.”

I deleted WhatsApp and avoid using it again. In fact, switched to Apple’s iMessage instead, said Charlie. 

What do scammers do with a hijacked account?

After WhatsApp hijack, Scammers may run your account to send messages to your friends and family members pretending to be you. 

They may demonstrate that you’re having a domestic debt crisis and ask your contacts for money. 

By Whatsapp hijacking, scammers can easily try the same six-digit code trick with new victims in your contact list. Besides scammers will remain in your group chats where they could keep an eagle eye on sensitive information. 

How to Protect your account from scammers?

“The safety and security of our users and their messages are really important to us. However, just like regular SMS or phone calls, it’s possible for other WhatsApp users who have your phone number to contact you,” said WhatsApp in a statement. 

It said users should:

  • Don’t give your password or SMS security code to anyone including your friends or family.
  • Use an extra layer of protection by enabling two-step verification 
  •  Be careful if you receive a suspicious message asking you for money or clear your doubt with a call to check if it is the same person you were expecting. 
  • Go through the website guide to keep your account safe.

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