Whatsapp Launches Privacy Campaign after Backlash


Whatsapp launches its first major advertisement Campaign following a WhatsApp privacy policy in the UK. Whatsapp’s privacy focused-campaign follows its user backlash against its terms and condition, announced earlier this year. 

Whatsapp is under the government’s pressure to compromise on the way it encrypts message including the UK. 

Whatsapp boss Will Cathcart told that authorities “should demand more security” rather than less.

The first step of keeping people safe is, you have to have strong security, and we think the government shouldn’t be out there trying to encourage tech companies to offer weak security,” he said. 

“They should be out there trying to encourage or even mandate that companies offer the strongest security possible.”  

WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

WhatsApp marketing campaigns set to run globally. Whatsapp Launches global advertisement campaign following privacy policy starting from UK and Germany on Monday. 

Whatsapp’s key feature is end-to-end encryption which is intended to prevent the third party from accessing the data. This encrypted message can only be read on the sending and receiving devices. 

No one can intercept or view messages including Facebook and even Whatsapp itself and neither can law enforcement. 

End To End Encryption Not Acceptable

Home secretary Neil Patel claims that end to end encryption feature is not acceptable in the fight against the share of illegal content. 

In April in her speech said, She wanted to see it used in a way “in a way in which is also consistent with public protection and child safety” but did not elaborate how it might work. 

In addition to this, Facebook aims to roll our encryption more broadly across its other services. 

China has already blocked Whatsapp and it sued the Indian government over new digital rules that will force it to violate its privacy protection. Out of its two billion global users, about 400 million are in India.

Ambiguity in Terms & Conditions

In January, Whatsapp launches a new privacy policy. Following the announcement, thousands of Whatsapp users threatened to leave Whatsapp, wrongly thinking it was going to start sharing messaging data with Facebook. 

Whatsapp users who didn’t update their privacy policy would begin to lose their functionality, it said. 

There were false rumors about Whatsapp privacy policy everywhere that the privacy of personal message was about to change and thousands of alarmed people moved to alternative services such as Telegram and Signal. In fact, changes are mainly related to enabling companies to accept payment via Whatsapp. 

WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart said that the tech company took the responsibility for the ambiguity the announcement had created. 

“To reiterate, nothing about the privacy of people personal’s conversations changed in our update,” he said.

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