Whatsapp new feature: Use WhatsApp web without a phone


Whatsapp New Feature latest update: There’s no denying that messaging app WhatsApp is one of the most used app around the world. It was launched in February 2009 and now has more than 2 billion users, relying on it to a large extent.

One of the best things that Whatsapp includes in all of its features is Whatsapp Web, introduced to the world in January 2015. Most of us using WhatsApp greatly rely on web services because of the workload, increasing over time require more use of technology like PC or Laptop than our smartphones. This is why we use Whatsapp Web the most. In simple words, Whatsapp Web, Whatsapp new feature, is crucial in our professional life and has made all of our lives easier!  

whatsapp new feature

Besides where it has enormous advantages for users, there is also a flaw in this feature which is having a smartphone in order to get access to our messaging app Whatsapp account on Whatsapp Web. Besides, smartphones must have an internet connection while using the Whatsapp web that sometimes becomes really annoying. But despite all this, there’s good news for you that this won’t happen anymore! 

What’s changing?

The only flaw about this that people have found over the years is having to use our phones to use our WhatsApp account on WhatsApp Web, our phones have to be connected to the Internet all the time during our use, and that sometimes becomes really annoying. For quite some time Whatsapp is working on multiple device support. Moreover, tech companies are testing a beta version for this for Whatsapp Web – meaning the launching of this feature for all the IOS and Andriod users will be forthcoming. 

What is new in WhatsApp Web?

According to WABetaInfo, “WhatsApp will allow you to use your account through four desktop devices if your participation in the beta program. Even the program isn’t fully available to WhatsApp beta users yet. It is expected though that the multinational tech giant company might extend its beta users list to run out of something as important as this. The app’s testing program is reported to be available for both WhatsApp and WhatsApp business account holders.”

No doubt this Whatsapp new feature was long-awaited news for the users who rely greatly on Whatsapp Web. The speed Whatsapp is working on this feature, it is expected to be available in the upcoming weeks.

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