Whatsapp Launch Offline Multi-Device Support Feature Soon


Facebook-owned WhatsApp is going to launch its ‘offline availability’ WhatsApp multi-device feature forthcoming.

Text and video messaging platform WhatsApp has announced that the WhatsApp new feature, expected to launch soon and would enable the user to use it on both android and iOS platforms within 2 months. 

The WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Update feature is under development but it will be launched within the next two months and will be applicable for both Android and iOS beta testers. In addition to this, the updated version has been uploaded onto the Google Play Beta Programme, Said WABetainfo.

what is the new update in WhatsApp?

Whatsapp has initiate asking its users to begin accepting the new terms of services. “Accepting these new terms won’t change your WhatsApp experience: your chats, messages, calls, and status updates are still end-to-end encrypted,” the portal said.

The announcement of the new feature’s launch is wonderful news for users across the globe. Especially, Whatsapp is working on Web Beta version for iOS and Android beta users, letting the users use it without an internet connection. 

Facebook owner Mark Zukerberg and Will Cathcart who is the head of Whatsapp also substantiate that the WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Update will be launched in the upcoming months. Though, in order to make this innovation perfect, it would consume a long time. 

Once it launched, users will be able to connect four devices to their WhatsApp accounts. Besides, it will let the users move around their chat history among iOS and Android devices. The feature of voice and video calls will work throughout all the connected devices, contrary to those who do not update their WhatsApp cannot receive calls or messages. 

WhatsApp Multi-device feature

The innovative update – the multi-device feature will not be is not available to all the Whatsapp users at the moment. 

Whatsapp’s new feature will allow users to use Whatsapp account on multiple devices at a time without an active internet connection on the main device. 

“WhatsApp is considering the idea to offer a public beta for WhatsApp Web in order to let the user try the new experience to use WhatsApp without keeping your phone connected,” it said.

However, the announcement for the official release of this feature hasn’t made yet. 

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