Whatsapp’s New Feature: Transfer WhatsApp between Android and iPhone


Whatsapp chat migration feature might be available for the users soon who switch their Whatsapp to a new phone number. Whatsapp is making efforts on chat history migration feature which let users switch to a new phone using a different device and phone number, according to the report. WhatsApp’s new feature to let users transfer WhatsApp between android and iPhone.

Whatsapp users will soon be able to transfer their chat history while moving to a new phone using a different phone number, according to the report.

This new innovation seems to be an extension of the ability to migrate chat history from one platform to another using the WhatsApp Chat Migration tool which is currently under development. The Chat History Migration tool could access the users to transfer media from one platform to another. This tool will allow users to switch their Whatsapp accounts from Android to iPhones. 

Whatsapp is working on an updated chat history migration tool that would allow users to transfer their chat history to a new device using a different phone number, WABetaInfo reported. So, if you’re ambitious to change your phone number or want to switch to another device, you’ll be able to transfer your existing Whatsapp chat history to the new device.

WhatsApp Migration tool

Currently, Whatsapp users are allowed to change their phone numbers without loving any chats.  If you are switching to a new device and a new phone number WhatsApp Migration tool will let you transfer chat history. But the new device should be based on the same platform as your old handset.

It seems as WhatsApp will allow the users to transfer chat history if they are switching between two iPhones models and two Android Phones. Whatsapp doesn’t have the ability to transfer chat history between Android and iPhone which is why it made a chat history migration tool. 

WABetaInfo shared a screenshot suggesting that Whatsapp may have a link to provide you a roadmap to transfer chat history when switching to a new device or phone number. However, it is important to notice that only the option of Chat migration will be shown when signing to your Whatsapp account on the device for the first time and not later. Besides, this tool will also be able to transfer WhatsApp media from one device to another. 

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