Why Was Gmail Down Today all over the world?


Gmail Down Today: Gmail which is the Google service suddenly stopped working for users across the globe on Wednesday. The search giant hasn’t explained yet the reason behind the massive outage that crippled some of the major services offered by Google. 

Before this Gmail outage, there was a massive interruption on December 14, 2020, when Google services including Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and others stopped working around the world. The company explained that Google’s automated storage quota management system was the major cause behind the global outage.

“Google uses an evolving suite of automation tools to manage the quota of various resources allocated for services. As part of an ongoing migration of the User ID Service to a new quota system, a change was made in October to register the User ID Service with the new quota system, but parts of the previous quota system were left in place which incorrectly reported the usage for the User ID Service as 0. An existing grace period on enforcing quota restrictions delayed the impact, which eventually expired, triggering automated quota systems to decrease the quota allowed for the User ID service and triggering this incident. Existing safety checks exist to prevent many unintended quota changes, but at the time they did not cover the scenario of zero reported loads for a single service,” Google said in its blog.

Global Outage Of Google Services

On Monday, the abrupt down of Google services was shocking for Gmail users. According to Downdetector, the website that tracks web outages, reported over 40,000 outage cases from around the world nearly 10 minutes after the outage began. YouTube and Gmail seem to be the most affected globally, leading to an uproar on Twitter about how high and dry Google services have made them, especially on the first day of the week.

Google Reaction

Google apologized and assure the users to be careful in the future and improved its systems to prevent such scenarios in the future. “We would like to apologize for the scope of impact that this incident had on our customers and their businesses. We take any incident that affects the availability and reliability of our customers extremely seriously, particularly incidents which span multiple regions,” Google said in the blog.

Now on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 again Gmail down today and the worst thing is there is no such forum available for the users so they can access them to sort out their issues.

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