World’s High-speed China 5G Network Has been Launched


5G Network Launch In China: World’s Largest high-speed 5G mobile network has been officially launched with 260 million 5G mobile connections now, a government said on Monday. Liu Liehong, vice-minister of industry and information technology (MIIT), told a press conference on Monday that China’s 5G network coverage and user scale have increased significantly. 

In order to overcome the Covid-19 epidemic impacts, Telecom companies have worked hard and accelerated the 5G development in China since it has been commercialized more than a year ago and the company has established the world’s largest mobile network, said Liu.

792,000 5G base stations had been built by the end of February. China 5G standalone networks covered all prefecture-level cities and the number of 5G terminal connections had reached 260 million, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of 5G applications.

MIT data showed that China’s 4G network accounted for half of the world’s total. 

5G network launch in China is expected to bring innovation in daily life and work style in personal consumption and social interaction, including entertainment, healthcare, and urban governance. 

5G development in china

5G model for business is yet to be commercialized contrary to the consumer segment. Since it requires feasible technology, in addition, to practical ways for enterprises to save cost and enhance efficiency, said industry analysts. 

The construction of the China 5G network is expected to complete during the 14th five-year plan (2021-25) period when the network speed and coverage will demonstrate considerable progress. 

In March the action plan was released in which the MIIT said that China will attempt to complete the construction of “dual-gigabit” networks featuring both wired and wireless gigabit broadband by 2023. Basically, Chinese urban areas and townships will be covered in this infrastructure, propelling the nation’s competitiveness in innovations. 

China rolls out the 5G network and leads the world in this mobile network innovation. Chinese tech giant Huawei as a 5G technology bellwether announced to launch of its 6G networks in 2030 which will be 50 times faster than 5G. Now the company also leads the world in 6G research and development.

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