YouTube Adds Real-Time Subscriber Counter To Dashboard


Youtube is updating the dashboard with a real-time subscriber counter, eliminating the creator’s need to use third-party tools to access that data. 

Now youtube has allowed the creators to analyze the people who subscribe to their channel with a new counter that updates them in real-time.

Youtube has never provided such data to the channels before so until today creators are relying on third-party tools to analyze live subscriber metrics. 

But now this data is available in the Analytics tab of Youtube studio and provides easy access to creators on the desktop. To see the metrics, just click on “see live count” in the real-time youtube card to track the live subscriber count at any point in time. 

Real-Time Subscriber Counter

After launching the real-time Subscriber Counter in YouTube channel analytics, youtube is now responding to another long-standing request made by creators to provide historical data about subscribers. 

Before the launch of the youtube live subscriber count was a chart that demonstrates the total subscriber counts over time. 

Creators can now get an idea about their future progress, such as: in what year did I reach 1,000 subscribers?

Celebratory animations are adding to the studio that will appear when channels hit subscriber milestones at 100, 1K, 10K, 100K, 1M, 10M, and 100M.

youtube channel analytics

Along with real-time subscriber counter, Youtube studio has also added another metric, the historical data, that creators can use to measure their growth. For instance, the creator wants to see the number of youtube live subscribers he had on a specific day last year and compare it to the progress so far.

Other Updates For YouTube Creators

Apart from this, Youtube has made an announcement of additional features for creators in its weekly news update. 

“Known Issues” On Studio Mobile

Along with the real-time subscriber count updates for Youtube creators, Youtube is launching a “Known issues” card. 

known youtube issues

The “Known issues” card is available only in the Youtube Studio mobile app and will update the creators about any issues that may cause disruption in workflow. For example, issues like errors preventing channels from uploading, bugs, and the features not working properly. 

Expanding YouTube Shopping Experiment

YouTube is also enhancing an experimental feature that allows users to purchase promotional products within videos.

It identifies the product shown in videos by the information provided by the creators and fetches corresponding shopping pages. 

youtube shopping experiment

Youtube had experienced this in the past when in October, the creators started getting asked to tag a product in their videos. 

According to Bloomberg, Youtube intends to become a more shopping-focused site. YouTube decision to enhance its shopping experience reinforces these reports.

Tag a product in their videos is optional for the creators whether they want to tag the products in their videos or not. The creators who wouldn’t prefer to have such product tags on their video pages can simply choose not to tag their products when asked.

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